Picasso: Les livres d'artiste | The collection of Mr. A ***
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Picasso: Les livres d'artiste | The collection of Mr. A ***

Author's note

Years ago, at the University of Washington, I had the opportunity to teach a class on the ”Late Picasso.”
For a specialist in nineteenth-century art, this was a particularly exciting and daunting opportunity, and one that would prove formative to my thinking about art's history. Picasso does not allow for temporalization the way many other artists do: his late works harken back to old masterpieces just as his early works are themselves masterpieces before their time, and the many years of his long career comprise a host of “periods” overlapping and quoting one another in a form of historico-cubist play that is particularly Picassian itself.
Picasso's ability to engage the art-historical canon in new and complex ways was in no small part influenced by his collaborative projects. It is thus with great joy that I return to the varied treasures that constitute the artist's immense creative output, this time from the perspective of his livres d'artiste, works singularly able to point up his transcendence across time, media, and culture. It is a joy and a privilege to be able to work with such an incredible collection, and I am very grateful to Mr. A***, and to Umberto Pregliasco and Filippo Rotundo for the opportunity to contribute to this fascinating project.
The writing of this catalogue is indebted to the work of Sebastian Goeppert, Herma Goeppert-Frank, and Patrick Cramer, whose Pablo Picasso. The Illustrated Books: Catalogue Raisonné (Geneva: Patrick Cramer, 1983) informs many of the entries included here as well as all edition information.

Julia Stimac, MA, PhD CandidateGallery Director, PrPh Books