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An Extraordinarily Rare Book: The 1564 Rampazetto Re-Issue of Marcolini's Commedia

Last week's post sketched the afterlife of the Commedia published in 1544 by the Venetian printer Francesco Marcolini (ca. 1500-1559), especially that of its illustrative apparatus, which enjoyed large and lasting popularity, and was variously re-used (either partially or entirely) by other printers up until the end of the seventeenth century.

Dante studies have always paid particular attention to the most celebrated episode in the long life of the Marcolini woodcut cycle, namely, its complete re-use by the Sessa brothers for their famous Commedia of 1564 – known as the edition ‘del nasone', i.e., ‘of the big nose', owing to the large portrait of Dante on the title page – , which was edited by Francesco Sansovino, and included commentaries by both Cristoforo Landino and Alessandro Vellutello...

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