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Dono agli Amici

Buonamici, Francesco (1832-1921). .

Scritti giovanili...

Buonamici, Francesco (1832-1921). . Scritti giovanili... Pisa,Tipografia Citi, 15 giugno 1861.

16° (137x95 mm). Printed on blue paper. [4], 127, [3] pages. Original editorial boards, spine lacking. A good copy, minor foxing. The first andlast leaves slightly discoloured.

The Pisan lawyer and politician Buonamici, future senator of the Regno d'Italia, issued this booklet not for sale, but rather to begiven as gifts to his friends, as attested by the printed inscriptionon the first leaf – ‘dono agli amici'. Published in only thirty-nine copies, all printed on blue paper, the collection contains texts that are often replete with polemical attacks against the ‘Milanese school' first represented by Alessandro Manzoni.

Two authorial manuscript corrections are visible on page 27. Buonamici's political passion is revealed by the colophon, which informs the reader that the publication was printed on 15 June, i.e., the ninth anniversary of the death of the Minister Camillo Benso Count of Cavour.

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