Fifty Books - Dante on the Upper East Side

dal 08.04.16 h.19:00 al 13.05.16 h.20:00 26 E 64TH STREET, NEW YORK

PRPH Books is pleased to announce that from April 8th, 2016 an exceptional exhibit on Dante Alighieri will be hosted in its gallery on the Upper East Side.

The exhibit will show an outstanding selection of fifty books and manuscripts, all coming from the collection of Livio Ambrogio, without any doubt the most important and comprehensive Dante collection today in private hands.

Highlights will include:

- a copy of the renowned Aldine Virgil of 1501;

- a precious 14th-century manuscript of the Commedia;

- the two ‘editiones principes' of the poem which appeared in 1472 in Foligno and Mantua;

- the 1481 Florentine edition, with two engravings after Botticelli in contemporary color; the celebrated Terze rime edition edited by Pietro Bembo for Aldus Manutius in 1502 in an exceptional copy printed on vellum;

- a sumptuous copy on vellum of the Lyons Dante of 1502, one of the rarest counterfeits of Aldus' octavos;

- the 24mo Paganino edition of 1516, also printed on vellum;

- Alexandre Dumas père's autograph translation into French of the first canto of the Inferno, dated November 1835 and signed by Dumas himself;

- a superb copy of the deluxe Dante printed by the Ashendene Press in 1909;

- the original autograph text, dating to ca. 1948, of one of the most famous essays dedicated by Jorge Luis Borges to Dante's poetry, La última sonrisa de Beatriz.

The exhibit will remain open until May 13th, 2016, Mon-Fri 10am-6pm. For further information, please contact us at

PRPH BOOKS 26 E 64TH STREET 3RD FLOOR NEW YORK, NY 10065 Tel. 646.370.4657

Il catalogo Dante Fifty Books è scaricabile in pdf a questo link - Catalogue Dante Fifty Books available in pdf here

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