48th California International Antiquarian Book Fair

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Ecco finalmente il nuovo catalogo Philobiblon Sul Tremuoto - Books on Earthquakes and Volcanoesscaricabile qui in formato pdf

Dalla Prefazione del Prof. Ezio Faccioli:

"All of this does not mean , however, that most of the books described in this catalog can interest only bibliophiles or amateurs of historical curiosities. Manuscripts and old books are in many cases the primary source for reconstructing the occurrence and effects of earthquakes prior to instrumental observations, which started towards the end of the 19th century, but has gained worldwide coverage only many decades later. The humanist Filippo Beroaldo's early account of the 1505 Bologna earthquakes, and the famous Vivenzio's "Istoria e teoria de' tremuoti" describing the effects of the destructive 1783 Calabria (Southern Italy) earthquakes, are fine examples, among many, of the material by which we can today reconstruct the seismic record of the past, which allows us to estimate the hazard levels to be expected in the future. Similar remarks can be made on the historical records of past volcanic eruptions.

Last but not least, the engravings abundant in these books and the text description of towns, villages and countryside, give us a representation, even if approximate, of the built and natural environment of the past (see for instance # 84, on the Mt. Etna environment, in Sicily, or # 91 on Naples), which – if we like – we can compare with the present ones. In more rare cases, we will find how the changes induced by the natural phenomena into the landscape (by way of eruptions, landslides, formation of lakes, and the like) or the reconstruction works, have introduced long lasting modifications into the environment. This is the celebrated case of Noto and other populations centers of SE Sicily, in which the splendid late Baroque architecture we admire today is the fortunate result of their reconstruction after the disastrous 1693 ("Val di Noto") earthquake, documented in the rare report of # 22.

Hence, get the books, read them, and see if the ideas just outlined make sense to you!"